B.A. degree program in mathematics
HEGIS code 1701
NYS SED program code 02064

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Program/Department Advisers

Office Hours
Hochberg, Murray Associate Professor 718.951.5000 xt 2728 1148 Ingersoll Hall hochberg @ brooklyn.cuny.edu Call the Math Dept. at 718.951.5246
Hu, Jun Professor 718.951.5246 1156 Ingersoll Hall junhu @ brooklyn.cuny.edu by appointment
Preston, Stephen Professor 718.951.5000 xt 2722 2313 Ingersoll Hall stephen.preston @ brooklyn.cuny.edu Call the Math Dept. at 718.951.5246


Department requirements (45-50 credits)

To enroll in any advanced course in mathematics, students must maintain an average grade of C or higher in all courses previously taken in the department, unless this requirement is waived by the chairperson. A student exempt, without credit, from a course may not take the course later for credit except with permission of the chairperson. Mathematics B.A. majors must complete a minimum of 18 credits in advanced courses for the degree. All mathematics courses offered to satisfy the requirements for a major in mathematics must be completed with a grade of C- or higher. Unless otherwise specified in this bulletin, any mathematics courses used to satisfy a prerequisite for an advanced elective must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.

The department chair, with the approval of the chair of the department's undergraduate curriculum committee, may allow substitutions for one or more of these requirements consistent with the educational goals of the program.

Mathematics 1006 and one of Mathematics 1011 or Mathematics 1012. Completion of some or all of these courses may be waived conditional on the outcome of appropriate placement exams.

Mathematics 1201, 1206, and 2201. Transfer students may also need to take Mathematics 1211 - see the Mathematics department chair.

Mathematics 2001, 2101, 3101 and 4201.

Two of the following: Mathematics 4101, 4106, 4206, 2206 and 4211, 4216, 4302, 4306, 3501 and 4501, 4506, 3501 and 4511, 2206 and 4701, 5001, 5002, 5003, 5004.

Computer and Information Science 1115 or 1215

Additional courses in the Mathematics department to bring the total number of credits in advanced courses to 18.

Department recommendation

Majors should consult with a Mathematics department counselor concerning substitutions for core science courses.
Prospective doctoral students should develop reading competence in at least one of the following languages: French, German, Russian.