B.A. degree program in physics
HEGIS code 1902
NYS SED program code 02071

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Office Hours
Miyano, Ken Associate Professor 718-951-5000 x2858 1409 Ingersoll Hall kemiyano @ brooklyn.cuny.edu  


Sequence for students not planning graduate work toward a Ph.D. degree in physics or astronomy.

This sequence is intended for premedical and pre-dental students, for students preparing for teaching in secondary school, and for others for whom a broad background in physics is desirable.

Department requirements (46-47 1/2 credits)
To enroll in advanced physics courses, students must earn a grade of C or higher in the physics and mathematics prerequisites of the courses, unless they are excused from this requirement by the chairperson. A student who receives a grade of C- or lower in a required physics or mathematics course must consult the chairperson before registering for another physics course. The student is usually advised to repeat the course.

a) Physics 1100 or 1150; and 2100 or 2150.

b) All of the following: Physics 3100, 3900, 3950, 3500 or 3550, 4900W, 5500.

c) One physics course numbered in the 3600s.

d) One physics course numbered between 3700 and 4400.

With the permission of the chairperson, Physics 3200 and/or 3300 may be substituted for one or both of these courses required in parts c and d.

e) Chemistry 1100 and 2100; or Chemistry 1050, 2050, and 2100.

f) Mathematics 1201 and 1206.