B.A. degree program in political science
HEGIS code 2207
NYS SED program code 02109

Program/Department Advisers

Office Hours
Arnold, Caroline Undergraduate Deputy 718.951.5000 x1735 3615 James Hall bcpolisciadvisor @ gmail.com Please call department at 718.951.5306 or email.


This is a writing intensive program.

Department requirements (30 credits)
1. Political Science *1001 or *1002.

2. All of the following: Political Science 3012W, Political Science 3014W, and Political Science 4000W. Political Science 4000W is a capstone seminar to be taken in the senior year.

3. A total of five courses chosen from the following fields in political science plus any prerequisite of the courses: American and urban politics; international politics; comparative politics; political theory and methodology. One special topics course, Political Science 3501, and one independent research chosen from Political Science 5001 or 5002, may be included as one of the five courses.