Certificate program in non-profit fiscal management
HEGIS code 5004.00
NYS SED program code 33584

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Matriculation Requirements
Criteria for admission to the program for non-degree applicants include a high school diploma or the equivalent and successful completion of the University Skills Assessment Tests. Students matriculating in any degree program offered by the Departments of Accounting, Economics, Finance, and Business Management, as well as post-baccalaureate students, are eligible to complete the requirements for the certificate program.

Certificate Requirements (24 credits)
For students enrolled only to complete the certificate ("non-degree" students), certain prerequisites can be waived. To earn the certificate, students must complete the course requirements with a GPA of 2.00 or higher.

Students must complete all of the following courses: Accounting 2001, 3051, 3370, 3371; Computer and Information Science 1050; Business 2000, 3270.

Student must complete one of the following three-credit courses:
Accounting 3201;
Business 3010, 3210, 3220, 3230, 3430, or 3240;
Computer and Information Science 2820W;
Philosophy 3314.