B.A. degree program in Spanish
HEGIS code 1105
NYS SED program code 02034

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Alonso, Alejandro Associate Professor 718.951.5451   alonso @ brooklyn.cuny.edu Tues, Wed, 11 a.m.-noon
Quesada Nieto, Luis Lecturer     luis.quesada @ brooklyn.cuny.edu E-mail for appointments


Department requirements for majors in Spanish (36-38 credits)

There are two options for the major:


Option I: Spanish and Latin American Language, Literature, and Culture (36-38
The following are required (36-38 credits in advanced courses): Spanish 2030W and 3610.
At least one of the following culture courses: Spanish 3510, 3515, 3520, or 3525.

The remaining courses are to be selected from Spanish 1030 and above.

Students may concentrate in (a) Literature and Culture or (b) Translation or (c) Hispanic Linguistics as follows:

(a) Literature and Culture concentration

Students should complete the requirements listed above.

(b) Translation
Students should complete three of the following as part of the requirements listed above: Spanish 3240, or 3260, or 3290, or Modern Languages and Literatures 4500
(c) Hispanic Linguistics
Students should complete three of the following as part of the requirements listed above: Spanish 3320, or 3390, or Modern Languages and Literatures 3360, or LING 2001.

For all concentrations, two courses in Modern Languages and Literatures (MLAN) may be applied to the major.

With permission of the chairperson, one course may be in an allied discipline (Africana Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Art, Classics, English, History, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies, Communication Arts, Sciences, and Disorders, Computer Information Science).

Knowledge of Latin and/or another Language Other Than English is also helpful.
Option II: Language and Business (36 credits)
All of the following: Spanish 2024 or 2030W; 2432; 3610; 3515 or 3525.
Four additional courses to be selected from Spanish 1030 and above.
Both of the following: Business 3100, 3170.
Two of the following: Business 3240, 3200, 3210, 3230, 3130, 3140.
The "W" designates a writing intensive course.

The department chairperson, with the approval of the department's curriculum committee, may allow substitutions for one or more of the requirements consistent with the educational goals of the program.