B.S.-M.P.S. (Master of Professional Studies) degree program in business information systems
HEGIS code 0799
NYS SED program code 02104

The B.S.-M.P.S. in business information systems prepares students for careers in designing, developing, acquiring, deploying, and managing computing systems for use in the business or administrative environment. Entry to this program is at the undergraduate level and this program is described in the Brooklyn College Undergraduate Bulletin. Students should apply to this program no later than the fifth semester of their undergraduate work. Graduates fill such positions as systems analyst, systems engineer, database administrator, information specialist, information manager, and business analyst. Combining business and computing learning, the program produces computer specialists with the business intelligence that is in great demand in both small businesses as well as in large corporations. Increasingly, business workers and managers need an understanding of computing and information systems, and information technologists need an understanding of the environment in which their products are used. This program interweaves the two areas of specialization to meet these needs.

Combining undergraduate and graduate study, students completing this program earn two degrees in a shorter time span than would ordinarily be needed to complete first a bachelor's degree, then a separate master's degree. This program is for students who are focused on their goals from the start of their studies and know upon initial entry to College, or soon thereafter, that they want to apply technology to the business world.

Program Heads

Please contact the department for information on academic advisers and office hours.


Admission Requirements

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Brooklyn College offers a bachelor of science-master of professional studies degree program in economics and computer and information science. This program is described in the Brooklyn College Undergraduate Bulletin. Entry is at the undergraduate level.