M.S. degree program in health informatics
HEGIS code 0799
NYS SED program code 86190

Matriculation requirements
Applicants must offer at least 18 credits in undergraduate or graduate courses in health and nutrition sciences and/or health-related fields. Applicants are also expected to have the equivalent of at least 12 credits in computer and information science, including all of the following: knowledge of a high-level computer language (preferably C++ or Java), a course in discrete structures and a course in data structures. Students who do not have all of these requirements can be accepted with the condition that they complete these courses at the undergraduate level.

General matriculation and admission requirements of the Division of Graduate Studies are in the section "Admission."

Degree requirements
Thirty credits are required for the degree.

Students must complete the following courses:
1. One course chosen from Computer and Information Science 7320X, 7522X, 7532X and 7534X;
2.Computer and Information Science 7500X, 7510X, 7530X and 7450X;
3. One additional Computer and Information Science course numbered 7000 or above;
4. Three courses chosen from Health and Nutrition Sciences 7110X, 7120X, 7140X,
7144X and 7150X, and Kinesiology 7000X, 7044X, 7100X and 7342X;
5. Students must also complete one of the following:
a) Computer and Information Science 7990G and a thesis acceptable to the Department of Computer and Information Science; or
b) Computer and Information Science 7900X and a project acceptable to the Department of Computer and Information Science or Kinesiology 7990X and a project acceptable to the Department of Kinesiology, with the approval of the Chair or Graduate Deputy of the Department of Kinesiology.
c) Computer and Information Science 7980X and an internship acceptable tothe
Department of Computer and Information Science.