M.A. degree program in liberal studies
HEGIS code 4901
NYS SED program code 82507

The master of arts in liberal studies program, with its interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts and sciences, explores in depth multiple perspectives on the theme of human nature as it has been considered during different historical periods and in different cultures. These perspectives are taken from diverse disciplines, including communications, the humanities, and the social, natural, and computer sciences. Your studies result in a deeper understanding of modern developments in these disciplines. You have the option of selecting elective courses in order to concentrate on a particular area of study, such as fine arts, religion, sociology, literature, history, media, and others. Course work includes classes and seminars, which are small and discussion-oriented. Many students enter the MALS program to broaden an undergraduate education that was technical or highly specialized, to pursue an interdisciplinary education, or to pursue a career in which a broad liberal arts background is valuable, such as law, government, education, communications, philanthropy, publishing, sales, public relations, journalism, museum administration, and others.

Program Heads

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Admission Requirements

Department Liberal Studies
Fall Application Deadline The program does not accept applications for Fall
Spring Application Deadline The program does not accept applications for Spring
Supporting Documents for Matriculation:
TOEFL (paper, computer, internet) 650, 280, 114


The M.A. degree in liberal studies has not been accepting applications since 2007.
Matriculation requirements
An applicant must offer a grade point average of B or higher in his or her area of undergraduate concentration.

A screening interview by the program coordinator is required.

General matriculation and admission requirements of Graduate Studies are in the section "Admission."

Degree requirements
Thirty credits are required for the degree.

Students must complete Liberal Studies 7000X, 7001X, 7002X, 7003X, 7004X, and 7012X.
The remaining 12 credits are in elective courses chosen in consultation with the program coordinator.
Up to 6 graduate transfer credits may be applied to the program with the approval of the program coordinator.