M.A. degree program in mathematics
HEGIS code 1701
NYS SED program code 02063

The Mathematics Department offers a distinctive master of arts program in pure and applied mathematics. Students gain experience with current mathematical software and technology, and may study computational mathematics in conjunction with the Computer and Information Science Department. Students who do not wish to pursue university-level teaching and research careers may elect to develop expertise in financial mathematics to obtain the marketable credentials for work in the financial industry. Mathematics Department faculty develop and conduct high quality research and participate in the mathematics and urban education doctoral programs of The Graduate Center of The City University of New York.

Program Heads

Office Hours
Goodson, Heidi Deputy Chair 718.951.5000 x2731 2312 Ingersoll Hall heidi.goodson @ brooklyn.cuny.edu Email for appointments


Admission Requirements

Department Mathematics
Fall Application Deadline The program does not accept applications for Fall
Spring Application Deadline The program does not accept applications for Spring
Supporting Documents for Matriculation:
TOEFL (paper, computer, internet) N/A, N/A, N/A


The M.A. program in mathematics is currently not accepting applications.
Matriculation requirements

Applicants must offer at least 18 credits in mathematics courses beyond elementary calculus.

General matriculation and admission requirements of Graduate Studies are in the section "Admission" of the Graduate Bulletin.

Degree requirements
Thirty credits are required for the degree.

Students must complete 21 credits in courses in the Mathematics Department. The following courses are required: Mathematics 7514X, 7615X, 7521X or 7620X, and 7622X.

With permission of the deputy chairperson, the remaining credits required for the degree may be in courses in any department.

Students must pass a comprehensive examination or submit a thesis acceptable to the department. Students may submit a thesis only with the approval of the department. Students who receive such approval are required to register for Mathematics 7999X (no credit). Information about requirements for the comprehensive examination and the thesis is in the section "Academic Regulations and Procedures" of the Graduate Bulletin.

Courses in the Mathematics Department offered toward the degree must be 7000-level courses.

The program of study must be approved by the deputy chairperson.


Students should submit the program of study for approval early, before initial registration if possible. The department gives guidance in planning a well-balanced program. Students should acquire a reading knowledge of mathematical French, German, and/or Russian, although no foreign language examination is required.