M.S. degree program in nutrition
HEGIS code 1306
NYS SED program code 86173

The master of science degree in nutrition provides advanced-level study of nutritional science and clinical nutrition. The program is appropriate for individuals who wish to become registered dietitians, nutrition educators, administrators of programs that provide nutritional services in commercial or institutional settings, nutritionists in community centers or private practice, researchers, or interpreters of research for the public employed by industry, government, academia, or mass media. Students whose baccalaureate degrees are in fields other than nutrition may take specified undergraduate courses to fulfill the prerequisites for application to the program. Students who wish to become registered dietitians will have to satisfy the undergraduate and/or graduate course requirements of our Dietetic Internship program before making a separate application to it.

Program Heads

Office Hours
Axen, Kathleen Graduate Deputy 718-951-5026 4139 Ingersoll Hall kaxen @ brooklyn.cuny.edu call/email for appointment


Admission Requirements

Department Health And Nutrition Sciences
Fall Application Deadline March 1st - rolling admission
Spring Application Deadline November 1st - rolling admission
Supporting Documents for Matriculation:
Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended; two letters of recommendation from professors or work supervisors in the field of study; a one-page essay on academic interests and goals.
TOEFL (paper, computer, internet) 563, 223, 85


Matriculation requirements
Applicants must offer undergraduate or graduate courses in general biology, physiology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, nutrition, biochemistry or nutritional chemistry, statistics, and medical nutrition therapy.

General matriculation and admission requirements of the Division of Graduate Studies are in the section "Admission".

Degree requirements
Thirty to 39 credits are required for the degree.

Students must complete the following required core courses:
Health and Nutrition Sciences 7230X, 7210X, 7241X, 7211X, and 7930X. Students must receive a grade of at least B in each of these courses or approval of the Graduate Deputy Chairperson for Nutrition in order to qualify for the comprehensive examination or thesis; courses may be repeated if necessary.

A minimum of 15 additional credits is required. Students may choose among the following courses: Health and Nutrition Sciences 7220X, 7232X, 7233X, 7221X, 7222X, 7223X, 7224X, 7212X, 7240X, 7231X, 7200X, 7201X, 7172X, 7183X, 7120X, 7161X, 7234X.

Students interested in the Dietetic Internship (DI) accredited by the American Dietetic Association must take Health and Nutrition Sciences 7241X, 7240X, and two additional graduate courses in nutrition before beginning the DI. The DI consists of Health and Nutrition Sciences 7200X, 7201X, 7202X, and 7203X. Separate applications must be made to the DI and to the M.S. program in nutrition.

Students must pass a comprehensive examination or submit a thesis acceptable to the department. Students who choose to write a thesis must complete Health and Nutrition Sciences 7999X. Information about the requirements for the comprehensive examination and thesis is in the section "Academic Regulations and Procedures."

Dietetic Internships (DI)
The American Dietetic Association accredited Dietetic Internship (DI) at Brooklyn College is a one-year part-time program that provides the supervised practice experience required to sit for the Registered Dietitian (R.D.) examination. Students must be enrolled in the M.S. in nutrition program to be eligible for the DI, and they must file a separate application for the DI. Application to the DI is through the American Dietetic Association's matching program. Contact the DI program director, Roseanne Schnoll, for details. The program enables students to apply theory and research to practice in clinical, community, and food service settings, thereby enriching their education and preparing them to make significant contributions to and rapid advancement in the profession.