M.A. degree program in industrial and organizational psychology - human relations
HEGIS code 2008
NYS SED program code 90065

This program prepares the student for entry-level executive positions as generalists in the areas of personnel and human resources in organizations or for comparable-level positions in consulting firms that offer their services in these areas. It shares a common core of five courses with other concentrations in industrial and organizational psychology, but places additional emphasis on theory and practice at the group level of organizational activity.

Program Heads

Office Hours
Brauner, Elisabeth Program Head 718 951 5000 X 6035 5603 James Hall ebrauner @ brooklyn.cuny.edu By appointment


Admission Requirements

Department Psychology
Fall Application Deadline March 1st
Spring Application Deadline The program does not accept applications for Spring
Supporting Documents for Matriculation:
Submit the following documents to the Office of Graduate Admissions: transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, two letters of recommendation, and an essay on personal background, experiences, interests, and goals relevant to program (maximum three pages). Refer to instructions at http://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/web/admissions/graduate/apply.php .
TOEFL (paper, computer, internet) 520, 190, 69


Matriculation requirements
Matriculation requirements
Applicants should offer: (a) an overall GPA of 3.00 or better, (b) a minimum of 12 credits in psychology, and (c) courses both in statistics and in research methods, with a grade of B or better in both courses.
Degree requirements
Either 36 credits or 30 credits and a thesis, for which one opts by taking Psychology 7781G, a three-credit course. The eight required courses include either Psychology 7101G or 7231G; and 7110G, 7114G, 7105G, 7106G, 7210G, 7241G and one additional course from Psychology 7222G, 7223G, 7232G, 7244G, or 7242G. The remainder of each student's program consists of elective courses. Courses offered toward the degree must be 7000-level courses or higher, The comprehensive examination is a requirement of the program and students are eligible to take it when they have registered for their 24th credit.