M.A. degree program in education: social studies teacher (7-12)
HEGIS code 2201.01
NYS SED program code 26753, trans B 26752

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This program leads to New York State Initial or Professional Certification to teach social studies, grades 7-12. The length of the program depends on the individual's prior preparation.

The profession of teacher education is licensed by the New York State Education Department. Therefore, program requirements are subject to change. All students should consult with the Department of Secondary Education for the current requirements.

New York State Certification requires the completion of a minimum of 30 credits of History and/or Geography, including coursework at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Program Heads

Office Hours
Murrow, Sonia Program Coordinator 718.951.5000 x3769 2606c James Hall smurrow @ brooklyn.cuny.edu Available by appointments


Admission Requirements

Department Secondary Education
Fall Application Deadline June 15th - Applications accepted on a rolling basis until all places are filled.
Spring Application Deadline December 15th - Applications acccepted on a rolling basis until all places are filled.
Supporting Documents for Matriculation:
Submit the following documents to the Office of Graduate Admissions:

1. Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (applicants who earned a bachelor's degree outside the United States need to submit a 'Course by Course International Transcript Evaluation.' http://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/web/admissions/graduate/apply/documents.php)

2. Two letters of recommendation

3. Resume

4. Photocopy of New York State or other state teaching certificate (if already certified)

5. A brief biographical statement of 500 to 1,000 words describing your reasons for pursuing the specific graduate program to which you are applying and your future professional goals.

The same requirements apply to non-degree applicants.

1. F-1 or J-1 international students must submit English Proficiency Exam. TOEFL- 79, IELTS- 6.5, PTE- 58-63, Duolingo 105-160.

Refer to instructions at http://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/web/admissions/graduate/apply.php .

All students accepted in to the School of Education are required to submit fingerprint verification before signing up for most education classes. Verification is needed if you already have fingerprint records or not. Please read the instructions in the link http://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/web/academics/schools/education/certification/fingerprints.php, and if you have questions about the instructions, you can contact Helen Spencer at HSpencer@brooklyn.cuny.edu
TOEFL (paper, computer, internet) N/A, N/A, N/A


Matriculation requirements
Applicants must offer a distribution approved by the social studies program coordinator of at least 21 credits in upper division undergraduate or graduate courses in one or more of the following: economics, geography, history, sociology, and/or political science, including 15 credits in history.

Applicants must also offer (a) or (b):

(a) New York State Initial Certification in teaching social studies for grades 712; or courses in education that meet the New York State standards for the pedagogical core. These courses include study of the following: history of education and philosophy of education or principles of education or educational sociology; educational psychology or developmental psychology or psychology of adolescence or adolescent development; classroom management; teaching students with special needs and English language learners; 6 credits in literacy and language acquisition; curriculum development and methods of assessing student learning; uses of technology in the classroom; methods of teaching social studies in grades 7-12; 100 hours of fieldwork; 40 full days or 300 hours of student teaching of social studies in grades 7-12 or one year of full-time teaching of social studies in grades 7-12; and passage of edTPA.

(b) An undergraduate degree with an appropriate major or appropriate course work in the appropriate subject areas.

Applicants must have a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.00. A minimum average of 3.00 in graduate courses is required to maintain matriculation. Applicants who have not completed all the specific course requirements are given individual consideration and may be admitted with conditions, with the approval of the chairperson of the Department of Secondary Education in the School of Education and the program coordinator of social studies.

International applicants for whom English is a second language are required to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 650 on the paper-based test or 280 on the computer-based test or 114 on the internet-based test, before being considered for admission.

General matriculation and admission requirements of the Division of Graduate Studies are in the section "Admissions" of the Graduate Bulletin.

Degree requirements
30- 46 credits are required for the degree

Thirty to forty-six credits are required for the degree depending on applicants' qualifications. Students must complete 12 credits in courses History and Social Sciences.

Students who have not already completed 30 credits in History and Geography upon admission must take courses in those disciplines until the 30 credit requirement has been met.

The program of study must be approved by the Program Coordinator of Social Studies Education.

Each student is evaluated individually based upon prior experiences. Based upon this evaluation and current certification requirements of the New York State Education Department, courses in education or another department may be substituted for required courses with permission of the Program Coordinator.

Twelve credits must be chosen from the field(s) of the Social Studies: History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology. Students must take SEED 7584X.

All students must complete three credit hours in each of four History and Social Sciences areas: United States; European; and Global History; and the U.S. Constitution or U.S. Government. Electives may be chosen from the above departments, Economics, and Political Science or another department with permission of the Program Coordinator.

Students must enroll in the appropriate education courses listed below (Option A or B) based upon teaching experience, previous coursework, and the teaching certificates they hold.

Option (A): 30 Credits
Students who possess Initial Certification in teaching social studies, 7-12 or the equivalent must complete the following courses in Secondary Education: SEED 7502T, SEED 7503X, SEED 7509T and SEED 7522T.

Option (B) 30-46 credits
Students who do not possess Initial Certification in teaching social studies, 7-12 or the equivalent must, depending on previous coursework, complete some or all of the following courses in Secondary Education: SEED 7500X, SEED 7501X, SEED 7503X, SEED 7671X, SEED 7532T, SEED 7542T, SEED 7515T, SEED 7543T, SEED 7509T and SEED 7522T.