You are exempt only if you satisfy the requirements of one box.
If you are not exempt, please refer to the lower tier requirements.

A.A. degree from a college in the U.S.

A.S. degree from a college in the U.S.

60 or more transfer credits, at least 30 of which are
liberal arts credits, from a college in the U.S.


Select one course from two different boxes (2 courses required). *

Upper-tier courses are only open to students who have at least 60 credits
and have met at least three lower-tier requirements.

Arts & Literatures Philosophical &
Social Inquiry
Scientific Inquiry

CORC 3101 - 3199

Exploring Literature

CORC 3201 - 3299

Exploring Global Connections

CORC 3301 - 3399

Exploring Science

* Transfer students admitted prior to Fall 2006
are only required to take one upper tier course

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