Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take more than one Core course at a time?
Where can I find descriptions of the Core classes?
The College's Bulletin of Undergraduate Programs; also at this site's description of Core courses.
Where can I get help in understanding Core requirements?
After reviewing the information on this website, if you need further assistance, contact the Office of the Core Curriculum by email ( or by phone (718-951-5287), or make an appointment with the Center for Academic Advisement and Student Success (718-951-5471 / 3207 Boylan Hall).
How many credits is the Core curriculum?
The Core consists of 11 courses that are 3 credits each, for a total of 33 credits.
Can I change my grade in a Core class to pass/fail?
Can I take the Core classes in any order?
Not quite.

Core courses are divided into two major groups: the lower tier and the upper tier. You make take lower tier courses in any order at any time. You may only take an upper tier course when you have junior status (have completed 60 or more credits) and you have met at least three lower-tier requirements.

Do I need to complete my Core classes before I start my major classes?
No. You can take Core courses and courses for your major at the same time.
Is there any deadline for completing the Core classes?
Are all of the Core classes in the upper tier offered every semester?
Courses will be added and withdrawn from the upper tier on a regular basis, and not every upper-tier course will be offered each semester. However, there will always be several upper-tier courses in each group offered each term.
Can I be exempted from the Core or any part of it?
Transfer students from a U.S. school who have an A.S. or A.A. degree are exempt from the lower tier Core requirements.

Transfer students transferring from a domestic senior college with 60 credits or more, 30 of which are in liberal arts, are also exempt from the lower tier.

If you already have a bachelor's degree from Brooklyn College, you are completely exempt from the Core.

No student is exempt from the requirement to take two upper-tier Core courses at Brooklyn College. However, some Core courses taken before Fall 2006 are regarded as equivalent to some upper-tier courses. See these equivalencies.

I am a transfer student: where can I get advice about the Core?
Contact the Center for Academic Advisement and Student Success, 3207 Boylan, 718-951-5471.
I am a freshman: where can I get advice about the Core?
Contact the Center for Academic Advisement and Student Success, 3207 Boylan, 718-951-5471.
If I have questions about the Core and the answer is not found on the website, who do I go see?
Contact the Office of the Core Curriculum, 1216 Boylan, 718-951-5287,