Planning a Program

Lower tier: Students must complete nine lower-tier courses (27 credits), one from each lower-tier box in the chart on this page. Lower-tier courses may be taken at any time, although students are strongly encouraged to complete them in their first two years.

Certain courses taken at Brooklyn College can substitute for some lower-tier core courses, as listed below:

Upper tier: Students must complete two upper-tier courses from two of the three core curriculum groups (6 credits). Enrollment in upper-tier courses requires junior standing (60 credits) and completion of or exemption from any three lower-tier course requirements.

The following grids are available to give you a general overview of the Core curriculum and to assist you with your course planning:

Core Requirements
General overview of the Core curriculum requirements.

Equivalencies with Previous Core Courses
For students that entered prior to Fall 2006: equivalencies between courses from the pre-2006 Core curriculum and current Core courses.
Core Transfer Student Requirements
Summary of the Core curriculum requirements for transfer students with an AA or AS degree from a domestic college. Note that transfer students admitted prior to Fall 2006 with an AA or AS degree only need one upper tier core course. Transfer students admitted after Fall 2006 are required to complete the two upper tier core courses.