Speech requirement

(from page 41 - 2007-2010 U/G Bulletin)

All students (except those selected for ESL and those with the equivalent of Speech Communications Arts and Sciences 3, 3.2, 10, or 10.1) must be screened for speech proficiency before they complete 60 credits but may elect to be screened earlier. Students selected for ESL will be screened for speech proficiency when they exit the program and before they will be allowed to register for additional courses.
This screening is performed by members of the faculty of the Department of Speech Communication Arts and Sciences. Depending on their ability to communicate orally, students either will be placed in an appropriate course in speech (0.1, 3, 3.2, 3.3, 10, or 10.1) or granted exemption. The results of the speech screening(s) will be noted on studentsí transcripts. Students initially placed in Speech 0.1 (Speech Clinic) are advised to register for it immediately upon placement and should continue to enroll in it each semester until they have completed it successfully. At that time they will be screened again and, if assigned to another speech course, must register for it immediately.