Brooklyn College Concentrations for Majors in Early Childhood and Childhood Education Teacher Programs

The following concentrations are offered for undergraduate students at Brooklyn College.

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Women's Studies Women's and Gender Studies
Urban Sustainability Urban Sustainability Program
Theater Theater
Sociology Sociology
Puerto Rican and Latino Studies Puerto Rican and Latino Studies
Puerto Rican and Latino Studies - Bilingual Puerto Rican and Latino Studies
Psychology Psychology
Political Science Political Science
Philosophy Philosophy
Music Music, Conservatory of
Chinese Modern Languages and Literatures
French Modern Languages and Literatures
Italian Modern Languages and Literatures
Russian Modern Languages and Literatures
Spanish Modern Languages and Literatures
Mathematics Mathematics
Judaic Studies Judaic Studies
History History
Health and Nutrition Sciences Health and Nutrition Sciences
General Science General Science
English English
Computer and Information Science Computer and Information Science
Classics Classics
Children and Youth Studies Children and Youth Studies
Art Art
Anthropology & Archaeology Anthropology and Archaeology
American Studies American Studies