Brooklyn College Minors

The following minors are offered for undergraduate students at Brooklyn College.

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Organizational Behavior Finance and Business Management
Music Technology Music, Conservatory of
Studio Art Art
Women's and Gender Studies Women's and Gender Studies
Acting Theater
Theater Production Theater
Theater Theater
TV and Radio Television and Radio
Speech Speech Communication Arts and Sciences
Spanish Modern Languages and Literatures
Small Business Management and Urban Entrepreneurship Finance and Business Management
Russian Modern Languages and Literatures
Religion Religion, Program of Studies
Puerto Rican and Latino Studies Puerto Rican and Latino Studies
Professional and Applied Ethics Philosophy
Psychology Psychology
Political Science Political Science
Preprofessional Explorations: Focus on Children in Social Services and the Law Children and Youth Studies
Physics Physics
Therapeutic Recreation and Adapted Physical Activity Kinesiology
Exercise Science Kinesiology
Philosophy Philosophy
Philosophy and the Arts Philosophy
Philosophy and the Sciences Philosophy
Logic, Reasoning and Rationality Philosophy
Music Music, Conservatory of
Parallel and Distributed Computing Computer and Information Science
Multimedia Computing Computer and Information Science
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) studies Women's and Gender Studies
Mathematics Mathematics
Linguistics English
Linguistics Linguistics Program
Latin American Studies Puerto Rican and Latino Studies
Human Resource Management and Diversity Studies Sociology
Judaic Studies Judaic Studies
Italian International Studies Modern Languages and Literatures
Italian Modern Languages and Literatures
Human Resource Development and Management Sociology
Consumer Behavior Sociology
Criminal Justice Sociology
History History
Italian American Studies Modern Languages and Literatures
Hebrew Judaic Studies
German Modern Languages and Literatures
French Modern Languages and Literatures
Film Film
English English
Philosophy, Culture, and the Social Sciences Philosophy
Corporate Social Responsibility Finance and Business Management
Corporate Social Responsibility Philosophy
Business Law Finance and Business Management
Finance Finance and Business Management
Economics Economics
Financial Planning Finance and Business Management
Marketing Finance and Business Management
Neuroscience Biology
Neuroscience Psychology
Earth and Environmental Sciences Earth and Environmental Sciences
Journalism English
Comparative Literature English
Classics Classics
Urban Policy Sociology
Global Studies Africana Studies
Global Studies Anthropology and Archaeology
Global Studies Biology
Global Studies Earth and Environmental Sciences
Global Studies Economics
Global Studies Health and Nutrition Sciences
Global Studies History
Global Studies Judaic Studies
Global Studies Modern Languages and Literatures
Global Studies Philosophy
Global Studies Political Science
Global Studies Puerto Rican and Latino Studies
Global Studies Religion, Program of Studies
Global Studies Sociology
Global Studies Urban Sustainability Program
Global Studies Women's and Gender Studies
Children and Youth Studies Children and Youth Studies
Chemistry Chemistry
American Music and Culture American Studies
Asian Studies History
Business and Society Sociology
Literatures of the African Diaspora Africana Studies
African American Studies Africana Studies
African Studies Africana Studies
Archival Studies and Community Documentation History
Archival Studies and Community Documentation Library
Law and Society Anthropology and Archaeology
Law and Society Political Science
Law and Society Sociology
Biochemistry Chemistry
Art History Art
Caribbean Studies Caribbean Studies
Anthropology and Archaeology Anthropology and Archaeology
American Studies American Studies
Cognitive Science Computer and Information Science
Cognitive Science Philosophy
Cognitive Science Psychology
Health and Nutrition Sciences Health and Nutrition Sciences
Computer Science Computer and Information Science
Chinese Modern Languages and Literatures
Biology Biology
Accounting Accounting
Sociology Sociology