Barry R.  Feirstein '74
Donald Kramer '58
Martin '63 and Barbara '63 Sass

The Friars Club and the Friars Foundation
Michael '81 and Stacey Lopatow Rabinowitz
Bernard and Anne '48 Spitzer
Howard '64 and Diane Wohl

Don '59 and Maggie Buchwald
Marjorie Magner '69
Evan '76  and Renee '74, Silverstein

Irwin '56 and Concepcion S. Federman
Chancellor Matthew Goldstein, the City University of New York (CUNY)
Robert A. and Florence Cohen '59 Rosen
Steiner Studios
Alexander M. '01 and Brenda R. Tanger

Elsie L. Adler '53
William Aron '52
Steven R. '67 and Frances Schwartz '73 Belasco
Sam E. Beller '59
Edwin H. '62 and Doris Cohen
Celia Costas
James '68 and Anna Fantaci
Bonita Ganot
Harvey Ganot
Bernard H. '62 and Ethel Garil
Karen L. Gould and Richard M. Simon
Michael '66 and Marilyn '67 Hausfeld
Frances A. Hess
Claire and Erik Holtje
Janis Inscho and Seymour Miles
Metropolitan Food Services, Inc.
Myron '52 and Thelma '54 Kandel
Murray '57 and Ellen Koppelman
Ted '79 and Sara Liebowitz
Alan H. Lipton '73
Jeffrey and Tondra Lynford
Neil and Dorothy Marting
Allan M. Miller '74 and Hannah Berkowitz '75
Moses Newsome
Andrew D. Weyman '73
Leonard Wilf
Richard A. Wilpon '72
Carol L. '61 and Lawrence Zicklin

Jamie deRoy
Greg Herman
Stella Lagudis '82
The Honorable Marty Markowitz '70
Archie and Maria Catalano '93 Rand
Paul Richter
Jack and Fali Rubinstein
Elliot Tannenbaum '73
Joel '62 and Candice Zwick

Barbara Berman '59
Harriet Brathwaite '59
Roberta Brodfeld Frommer '58
Joan C. Brown '68
Selma Orleans Cohen '48
Maria Ann Conelli
R. Bruce '63 and Madelyn Buchalter '64 Donoff
Julianna and Paul Forlano
Abraham S. Friedman '43
Leslie and Philip Gardner
Janet Kolmer Grommet
Michael Hipscher '65
Nathaniel and Debra E. Cumberbatch '73 Howard
Irving G. Kagan '40
Arlene Lichterman '53
April Lockhart
Richard A. Naimoli
Leonard E. Polikoff '77
Samuel '49 and Dorothy Salwen '51 Rabinoff
Maxwell Reade
Martin P. Schreibman '56
Debbie Schwartz '45
Ron '70 and Phyllis Shanken '69 Schweiger
Deborah Ann Shanley
Didi Conn Shire
Jay A. Tischfield '67
Alex S. Vitale
Roberta Rose Wallach '53
Michael '61 and Ella '62 Weiss
Ira L. Zankel '66

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