Submission Procedure

To Professors and Undergraduate Students at Brooklyn College in All Departments and Programs

Step 1: An exceptional undergraduate student paper is identified by a professor. It may be an individual or a collective work, or an assignment in either a nonresearch course or a research course.  The main criterion is that from an academic perspective it stands out compared to the other papers produced by other students/cohorts in the course. 

Step 2: The paper should be read by at least two colleagues from the same department or program, to ensure that the opinion of the first professor (presumably the one who teaches the course or has been supervising the student) is shared by other expects in the field. Once all have agreed on the exceptional quality of the paper, the student should be strongly encouraged to submit the paper to Brooklyn College Undergraduate Journal.

Step 3: The “first” professor informs the student that his or her paper has been selected to represent the department/program in the research journal.

Step 4*: Student(s) should be asked to:

  1. Ensure that the sources are cited in an appropriate academic format, either APA or MLA.
  2. Save the article as a Word document with their surname followed by first name, the department/program and ARTICLE (e.g., SmithDeborahModernLanguagesARTICLE.doc).
  3. Write an abstract that gives information on the contents of the article and that is understandable by nonspecialists in the field, following these guidelines.  Save it as a Word document with their surname followed by first name, the department/program and ABSTRACT (e.g., SmithDeborahModernLanguagesABSTRACT.doc).
  4. Ensure that both the article and the abstract contain the same title.
  5. Send both documents to , by June 30, 2011.

The earlier the article is submitted the earlier the students will hear of the outcome of their submission.

*Note: If the student’s work has already been published in a (peer-reviewed) journal, please have them contact by June 30, 2011, to discuss the possibility of having the abstract with a link to article published.

Additional Recognition
Each issue will list conference presentations, participation in prestigious summer programs, and awards received by graduating students. We will not include activities or efforts of former students.

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