Message from the Dean

Higher education is about transformation: transforming the lives of men and women preparing for leadership in the professions and in democratic processes and transforming the state of knowledge across all areas of study. Brooklyn College is proud to present the second volume of the Brooklyn College Journal of Undergraduate Research, showcasing new knowledge produced through the partnership of undergraduate researchers and their faculty mentors. The papers explore the past, Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche: Appropriation and Reception in the Third Reich, and trajectories for the future, When Politics Outshine Pedagogy—The Struggle to Prioritize the Improvement of Comprehensive Sexuality Education; the arts, The Changing Representations of Women: the Art of Hannah Wilke, Lynda Benglish, and Cindy Sherman, and the sciences, Synthesia: a Normal Mode of Cognition; the political, A Bolivarian Venezuela: a Modern Experiment in Participatory Democracy, and the personal, The actor’s process: a character exploration of April White from ‘Savage in Limbo’ by John Patrick Shanley. The work collected here exemplifies the rigor and passion that Brooklyn College undergraduate researchers and faculty bring to their work and the promise they hold for solving problems and creating opportunities in the decades ahead. Brooklyn College salutes you!

Dr. Donna F. Wilson
Dean of Undergraduate Studies

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