Current Issue

Vol. 2 2010

Message From the Dean 2010
Donna Wilson, Dean of Undergraduate Studies

The actor's process: a character exploration of April White from 'Savage in Limbo' by John Patrick Shanley
Lisa Anderson, Theatre
Faculty Advisor:  Rose Bonczek
Abstract Article [PDF]

How does exposure to English impact the L1 phonological development of young Brazilian Portuguese/English-speaking consecutive bilinguals?
Claudia Araujo, Speech Communication Arts & Sciences
Faculty Advisor:
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

Stay In and Stand Out: the Jewish Syrian Women of Brooklyn and their Reading Habits
Rachel Benun,  English
Faculty Advisor: James Davis
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

South Park and White Privilege: an Examination of Racialized Messages and the Construction of the White Role in a Discussion about Racism
Olivia Cueva, Television & Radio
Faculty Advisor: Brian Dunphy
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

OMG, Guess what?!: the indispensability of gossip in community building
Jade De La Paz, Anthropology & Archaeology
Faculty Advisor: Jillian Cavanaugh
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

Introduction to C/C++ programming with NXT robots
Amy Delman and Adiba Ishak,Computer & Information Sciences
Co- Authors: Lawrence Goetz, Mikhail Kunin, Yedidyah Langsam and Theodore Raphan, Computer & Information Sciences
Faculty Advisor: Yedidyah Langsam and Theodore Raphan
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

A Bolivarian Venezuela: a Modern  Ezperiment  In Participatory Democracy
Antonio Fontana, Political Sciences
Faculty Advisor: Immanuel Ness
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

Using Viewshed Models in GIS to Analyze  Island Inter-Connectivity and Ancient Maritime Pathways of the  Precolumbian  People in  the Caribbean
Erin Friedman, Anthropology & Archaeology
Faculty Advisor: Sophia Perdirakis
Technical Advisor (Graduate Student): Cory Look
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

What is Survivor Guilt Among Holocaust Survivors who Have Experienced  Concentration Camps and then  immigrated to America?
Sandra Frija, Judaic Studies
Faculty Advisor: Robert Shapiro
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

Maimonides Use of Logic in Formulating a Sound Medical Regimen Concerning Digestion
Elliot Haber, Judaic Studies
Faculty Advisor: Sara Reguer
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

The Changing  Representations of Women: the Art of Hannah Wilke, Lynda Benglish and  Cindy Sherman
Jessica Holt, Art
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Ball
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

When Politics Outshine Pedagogy- the Struggle to Prioritize the Improvement of Comprehensive Sexuality Education
Beatrice Koehler-Derrick, Health & Nutrition Sciences, Anthropology and Archaeology
Faculty Advisor:  Christian Grov and Jillian Cavanaugh
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

Prevalence of Diabetes in African-American communities: Risk Factors and Prevention of a Social Disease
Eleonor Leger, Sociology and Anthropology and Archaeology
Faculty Advisor: Gregory Smithsimon and Jillian Cavanaugh
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo’: Group Development From Single-Issue Protest Movement to Permanent
Marina Malomud, Sociology
Faculty Advisors: Tammy Lewis
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche: Appropriation and Reception in the Third Reich
Mina Marsow, History and Anthropology and Archaeology
Faculty Advisor: Steve Remy and Jillian Cavanaugh
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

The Effect Skinny Models In Advertising Have on Young Women's Body Image
Cassandra McGahan, Television & Radio
Faculty Advisor: Brian Dunphy & Katherine Fry
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

Synesthesia: a Normal Mode of Cognition
Miri Mineh, Psychology
Faculty Advisor: Aaron Kozbelt
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

The Use of Gestures in the Description of Common Versus Uncommon Objects in Unbalanced (English and Russian- speaking) Bilinguals
Anna Rakovsky & Ekaterina Silva, Speech Communication Arts and Sciences
Faculty Advisor: Isabelle Barrière
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

The Search for Haiti Town: a Comparative Study of Haitian Communities in Miami and New York City
Natalia Rivers, Africana Studies and Sociology
Faculty Advisor: Regine Latortue and Carolina Bank Munoz
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

Self-Perceived Bilingualism among Jamaican Creole Speakers
Jenice Robertson, Speech Communication Arts & Sciences
Faculty Advisor: Isabelle Barrière
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

Deconstructing Press Coverage of the Economic Meltdown: the Daily Show as the Fifth Estate
Lee Rossof, Television and Radio
Faculty Advisor: Brian Dunphy
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

Synthesis of New Apoptis-inducing Iminophosphane Organogold (III) Complexes and Study of their Interactions with Biomolecular Targets
Neha Shaik, Chemistry
Co-Authors: Alberto Martínez, Idline Augustin, Hugh Giovinazzo, Armando Varela- Ramírez, Mercedes Sanaú, Renato J. Aguilera and María Contel
Faculty Advisor: María Contel
Abstract  |  Published in Inorganic Chemistry 2009 February 16; 48 (4) 1577-1587 Accessible online:

Weight Problems and Spam E-mail for Weight Loss Products
Sam Shlivko, Economics
Co-Author: Joshua Fogel, Economics
Faculty Advisor: Joshua Fogel
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

Il Principe and the Wire
Zujaja Tauqeer, Philosophy
Faculty Advisor: Justin Stenberg
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

Testing Purchasing Power Parity: a US-China Case Study And a Cross-Country Analysis
Alastair J. Waithe, Economics
Faculty Advisor: Chun Wang
Abstract  |  Article [PDF]

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