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Cultural Evolution Seminar series: The Evolution of Marriage and Kinship System 

DESCRIPTION: This series features scholars from many disciplines with an interest in understanding the cultural (and biological) basis of human behavior. Human and social scientists, economists, psychologists, anthropologists, and many others, have traditionally looked at human behavior from disciplinary perspectives. The underlying motivation for this series is the conviction that the common goal of understanding humans is better achieved by sharing knowledge and methods across disciplines. Students and faculty from all disciplines are invited to attend. Speaker: Laura Fortunato is Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute. Her research investigates the evolution of human social organization, focusing on the social norms regulating kinship and marriage. This involves understanding (i) why societies differ with respect to these norms for example, why some prescribe monogamous marriage, while the majority allow polygyny; and (ii) how this variation came about for example, whether the prevalence of monogamous marriage among European societies is simply an artefact of history, or whether it reflects ecological and/or social determinants. 
DATE: Thursday, March17, 2011
TIME: 12:30pm to 1:45pm 
LOCATION: 1141 Ingersoll Hall 
PRICE: $Free 
NOTE: Please RSVP to Malene Schjoenning ( to reserve a seat. 
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