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The Yoga Experience: You, Me, and The Insects 

DESCRIPTION: Barbara Henning reads from her recently released novel, You, Me, And The Insects. Barbara Henning's novel, You, Me, and the Insects, is cumulative, the narrative, detail by detail, drawing the reader into Gina's tense and ecstatic experiences as she travels from the East Village to south India to study with a Brahmin acharya, a master teacher of meditation, philosophy and hatha yoga. While negotiating daily life in a third world country, Gina also conducts a careful examination of her present reactions, as well as her life during the 70s in Detroit when she lived in a bohemian community with her lover and family. Her teacher instructs her in how to transform her samskara–impressions left from previous actions–so that the present moment becomes illuminated. You, Me, and the Insects is a heartening, bittersweet story of a spiritual struggle and transformation, told in parallel universes of mother, writer, wife in secular USA and dedicated struggling western yogini in luminously detailed India. The writing is marvelously rich, layered, the narrative is compelling. The phenomenal world is the source of terrific insight, delight and surprise. This is not a pretentious New Age memoir but an ageless picaresque and imaginative voyage. A major accomplishment for this extremely salient, charged writer. Anne Waldman This is a miracle of a book. Barbara Henning has taken seemingly unpromising materials–the demanding study of yoga in southern India; the daily incidents of life there; the recollection of starting a family with a husband now dead–and transformed them into a narrative that is gripping, entertaining, and intensely moving. It is a triumph of imagination restoring irresistible vivacity to the perishable treasures of memory. Harry Mathews  
DATE: Thursday, November10, 2005
TIME: 1:30pm to 2:30pm 
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