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Women Make Movies: "Not So Private" 

DESCRIPTION: Through animation, candid interviews and commentary from Dr. Gail Wyatt, the nationís leading expert on black female sexuality, Writer/Producer/Director, Sandye Wilson and a variety of African-American women, speak openly about their sexuality. They discuss their first sexual experiences; the impact of their familial teachings, their emerging body consciousness, and the way that their own sexual desire and that of others has colored their world. The ages of the women interviewed range from mid-twenties to early seventies. The objective of notsoprivate is to open a dialogue that stimulates and perhaps counters the many popular misperceptions about African-American womenís intimate and sexual lives. The film was made out of the belief that the ability to speak candidly about oneís intimate sexual experiences is liberating, healing, and ultimately universal. notsoprivate is humorous, multi-layered, occasionally painful, and offers us (the audience) a point of view that de-stigmatizes the subject matter. The hope is to create a model for self-revelation, self-expression and profound self-awareness. While the focus is primarily on African-American women, the film transcends race and gender.  
DATE: Thursday, November17, 2005
TIME: 1:30pm to 3:30pm 
LOCATION: 227 New Ingersoll 
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