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The Egyptian Folkloric Dance Troupe, A Brooklyn Premiere! 

DESCRIPTION: From Brooklyn Center's Community Showcase The Egyptian Ministry of Culture presents For the first time in Brooklyn, here is a chance to experience the intoxicating beauty of Egyptian/Arabian culture through the long history of the Raqs Sharqi -- the colorful and exotic folkdances of Ancient Egypt as passed down through eons of generations. These dances arose from Upper Egypt, Cairo and Alexandria and were an integral part of both ancient religious ceremony as well as secular celebration; these dance forms were danced in local towns and villages where men, women and children all knew the colorful baladi or saiidi movements. Don't miss this chance to see a whirlwind of pageantry and celebration as you are drawn into the midst of what would have been seen in the Temples, at weddings, street fairs and festivals -- wherever the people celebrated life. Tickets: $35, $30, $25 Tickets can be purchased at: or by phone at: 866-386-4849 For more detailed info, call Hatem at: 347-254-8437 or Ahmed Maharem at: 718-864-8603 Email for additional information: This Not-for-Profit Event is in support of the National Liver Institute of Egypt.  
DATE: Saturday, October20, 2007
TIME: 7:00pm 
LOCATION: Walt Whitman Theatre 
CONTACT: call Hatem at: 347-254-8437 or Ahmed Maharem at: 718-864-8603 
PRICE: $$25-35 
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