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The Center for Student Development and Leadership Programs is Now On CUNY Blackboard 

DESCRIPTION: We are pleased to announce that the office of Student Development can now be found on Blackboard. The link to the Student Development section can be found under the Organization Tab. Itís simple; all you need to do is log onto Blackboard at and enroll. This new feature will help connect the students and staff toward creating a more diverse atmosphere while fostering dialogue. We believe that this will unify the Brooklyn College community and allow us to promote various programs. Students will have access to documents (e.g. club registration packets, purchase/payment orders, etc.). A discussion board is also set-up so you can engage in discussions regarding diversity, multiculturalism, acceptance, leadership, and more! In addition, you can propose a topic for discussion or even set-up a discussion board for your particular club. To propose a topic contact for the discussion board contact: By engaging students and faculty through Blackboard we can continue strengthening the common bonds we share. 
DATE: Friday, November 14, 2008 to Tuesday, June 30, 2009
LOCATION: CUNY Blackboard 
NOTE: For further questions or comments, feel free to contact: 
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