Financial Aid Certification Date, Disbursements and Refunds

Fall 2015

The university has adopted an earlier financial aid disbursement policy for all schools that are fully using CUNYfirst. This revised policy will allow financial aid refunds to reach our students early in the semester to assist them with educational related expenses such as transportation, books and supplies, and meals. In order to provide verification of student enrollment information prior to the disbursement of financial aid funds, the following schedule for the Fall 2015 semester is as follows:

New Grading Policy

In order to support the new financial aid disbursement policy in CUNYfirst, changes have been made to CUNY's grading policy for the Fall 2015 semester:

Date Action
August 27 – September 1
First week of classes (Drops and adds allowed)

No grade recorded. Student enrollment for financial aid certification purposes is locked as of the seventh day of the semester. (FALL 2015 — Septermber 2)

September 2– 16
Second and third weeks of classes  (Drops only)

WD grade assigned for official drops. Financial aid will not be affected, unless all classes are dropped, R2T4 calculation will be done.
September 16
Verification of Enrollment due from faculty (attendance rosters)
WN grade assigned when no attendance is indicated by faculty. Applicable course will not eligible for financial aid
September 17
Registrar completes all WD and WN assignments.
WN grade assigned when no attendance is indicated by faculty. Applicable course will not be eligible for financial aid.
September 17
Students can officially withdraw and receive a W grade (will appear on transcript)
W (official withdraw) grade submitted. Withdrawing from all classes is subject to a R2T4 calculation.


Any student who receives a WD (Withdrawal Drop) and also is receiving TAP for the same semester may see an eventual reduction in his or her award. 

Both WD (Withdrawal Drop) and WN (Withdrawal No Attendance) will be recorded on a student's course history (in CUNYfirst) but will not appear on transcripts.

Any student who earns a WN grade will not be eligible to receive any financial aid for that specific course and may create a tuition and fee balance. 

Totally withdrawing from classes (R2T4) will decrease a student's financial aid eligibility and may create a tuition and fee balance.

*Note: Financial aid funds will not be disbursed until all "To-Do" list items are completed, under the "Self-Service" option, in the "Student Center" tab. We strongly recommend that you read the Guide to Enhanced Financial Aid Self-Service Information in CUNYfirst.