Initial Disbursement Dates

Fall 2014

Book Advances (50% of Pell) - August 18th
SEOG Grant - August 18th
SEEK (books and fees stipends) - August 18th
NYC Council Merit Scholarship - September 1st
Direct Loans - September 8th
STEM Program - September 8th 
Macaulay Honors - September 8th 
Pell Grant (Remaining 50% of Pell) - September 29th
Teach Grant - September 29th
Perkins - September 29th
CUSTA - September 29th 

Spring 2015

Book Advances (50% of Pell) - January 19th
SEOG Grant - January 19th
SEEK (books and fees stipends) - January 19th
NYC Council Merit Scholarship - January 19th
Direct Loans - February 9th
STEM Program - February 9th 
Macaulay Honors - February 9th 
Pell Grant (Remaining 50% of Pell) - February 23rd 
Teach Grant - February 23rd 
Perkins - February 23rd 
CUSTA - February 23rd

Please note that one of the enhancements that comes with CUNYfirst is that the dates above represent the initial and first available disbursement date for the respective programs. Thereafter, each program will disburse aid for any remaining unpaid students every Monday. FWS funds are paid on a bi-weekly basis. 

Financial aid funds will not be disbursed until all "To-Do" list items are completed, under the "Self-Service" option, in the "Student Center" tab. We strongly recommend that you read the Guide to Enhanced Financial Aid Self-Service Information in CUNYfirst.