Withdrawing From Classes

A common concern of students when withdrawing from their classes is how it will affect their financial aid eligibility. In other words, will I still be eligible for financial aid, and will I have to pay anything to the college?

If you drop before Feb. 3, you may not be eligible for any federal aid, liability schedule.

From Feb. 18 and thereafter, you will be able to withdraw from classes with a W grade, but you would be 100 percent liable for the cost of your tuition.

If you completely withdraw from all of your courses, your federal financial aid may be affected. This is in accordance with federal regulations 34CFR 668.22 e2 / Treatment of title IV funds when a student withdraws.

Note: A WN grade is given to students who never began attendance in a course. If so, the student will be considered to not have earned any Title IV aid. Students will be liable for the tuition.

How does withdrawing from all classes affect my federal financial aid?

  • First day to apply for W grade: Feb. 18, 2015
  • Last day to apply for W grade:  April 16, 2015

If you withdraw from all of your courses, your federal financial aid may be affected. The federal funds that will be affected are listed below in the order of how they are affected:

  • Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
  • Subsidized Stafford Loans
  • Perkins Loans
  • Graduate PLUS Loan
  • Parent PLUS Loan
  • Pell Grant
  • TEACH Grant

Financial aid is calculated based on the percentage of studies that have been completed. For example, if you have completed 30 percent of the days of the term, then you are entitled to 30 percent of the financial aid that you were scheduled to receive calculated on a pro-rated basis. The percentage of aid that you have earned is applied to your tuition and fees, but this may not cover your entire tuition obligation. If you have a balance after financial aid is applied, you must remit payment to the college immediately.

Once you have completed more than 60 percent of the days in the term, you will have earned all of the aid that you were scheduled to receive for that term.

What will happen if I stop attending classes or do not officially withdraw from classes?

If you leave school during the semester without officially withdrawing, the college will attempt to verify your last date of attendance. Once this is determined, we will determine how much aid you are eligible for based on the federal withdrawal calculation.

What if after withdrawing from classes I do not have enough aid to cover my tuition obligation?

You must repay the required amount during the term in which you withdraw. Failure to repay the required amount will result in a stop being placed on your record and you will not be able to obtain a transcript or register until repayment is made. If your account balance is not settled, your account may be sent to a collection agency.

What if I have earned more financial aid than I initially received?

In some cases, you may be entitled to post-withdrawal funds. A post-withdrawal disbursement is funds posted to your account after you withdrew from classes. If the post-withdrawal disbursement include loans, written permission is required before we can disburse the funds to you. You may choose to decline some or all of the loan funds to avoid incurring debt.

I decided that I would like to withdraw from classes. What should I do?

You should consult with a financial aid counselor before withdrawing from classes to determine if a financial obligation will incur. You can speak to a financial aid representative by calling 718.951.5051 or by visiting the Enrollment Services Center in the lobby of the West Quad Center.

What is a WD grade?

Withdraw/Drop (WD) grade is assigned for official drops between (2nd & 3rd weeks of classes). Financial aid will not be affected, unless all classes are dropped, R2T4 calculation will be done.

How do I process my withdrawal through CUNYfirst Student Self Service?

  1. Log into CUNYfirst.
  2. Select Self Service.
  3. Select Student Center.
  4. On the top left portion of the screen, in the Academics box, click on the "Enroll" link.
  5. On the next screen, select the "Drop" tab at the top of the page.
  6. Select the check box next to the course you are withdrawing from.
  7. Click the "Drop Selected Classes" button under the course list.
  8. You will get a confirmation page that allows you to make sure you selected the proper course.
  9. Cick the "Finish Dropping" button.
  10. You will get a message that your course has been dropped and assigned a grade of W. You are finished processing your withdrawal.