Veterans Educational Benefits

In order to be processed for G.I. Bill or Veterans Education Benefits, all veteran students must be enrolled at Brooklyn College for your current semester.

You may print out the forms and fill them out before coming to V.A. Office. (Adobe Acrobat is required to open the forms.)

  1. Students applying for Education Benefits (chapter 30 or 32)
    1. File V.A. Form 22-1990
    2. Submit a copy of your separation papers (DD214)
    3. A copy of your registration statement from the bursar
    4. A separate "Fact Sheet" for each semester that you will be requesting benefits payment
    5. Print your answers for questions 1 through 6 only on the Enrollment Certification (V.A. Form 22-1999)
  2. Students applying for Vocational Rehabilitation (chapter 31)
    1. File V.A. Form 28-1990
    2. Enrollment Certification (V.A. Form 28-1905)
    3. B, C, D and E from section 1 also apply
  3. Students applying for Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Benefits (chapter 35)
    1. File V.A. Form 22-5490
    2. B, C, D and E from section 1 also apply
  4. Students applying for the Federal Reserve Educational Benefits (chapter 1606)
    1. File V.A. Form 22-1990
    2. File a copy of your DD 2384-1, available through your Reserve Unit
    3. B, C, D and E from section 1 also apply
  5. Students who are participants of the Navy Militia and National Guard Educational Incentive Program must ensure that their application for Educational Assistance is completed and return to your unit administrative officer on or before the following dates.
    1. Fall Semester: June 30
    2. Spring Semester: Oct. 31
    3. Summer Semester: March 31