Meet Our Rosen Fellows

Congratulations to our 2015 Rosen Fellows!

Sofia Ahsanuddin will go Hyderabad, India, and conduct field interviews to investigate the beliefs and practices of Herabadi Muslim women regarding breast and cervical cancer screening. She will also collect swab samples to add to the Weill Cornell Medical College Swab Study.

Brielle Corinne Cardieri will spend six weeks this summer participating in a reproductive health program in Quito, Ecuador, with NGO Child Family Health International. She will rotate through various clinical settings disseminating reproductive health information and study Spanish.

Hannah Rachel Carl will observe the effects of the use of a third gender pronoun on children in Stockholm at a preschool and conduct interviews with parents and teachers to understand a non-binary (male/female) gender socialization of children.

Margaret Eden Douglas will spend three months hiking the Appalachian Trail with a voice recorder and a notebook to capture the spontaneity of the experience, which will be used for poems, thoughts, stories and memories.

Jessica E. Khaimova will study with Dr. Christiane Helling at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and examine model cloud formation in dynamic atmospheres of extrasolar planets. 

Yeen Dolma Lama will travel to Upper Dolpo located between the border of Nepal and India to teach students at the Yeatser Primary School.

Peter Lee will pursue a project with Global Brigades in Nicaragua in which he will be evaluating its holistic approach to providing health care through assessing its current practices, practicality and potential for improvement.

Savannah Marie Rice will study the techniques and business of shoemaking in Buenos Aires from a fifth-generation shoemaker. This will be used to start her personal business of custom shoemaking in New York.

Rabia Yeter Sirin will spend four weeks in St. Petersburg, Russia, to improve her Russian language skills. She aspires to be a scholar of Russian and Ottoman history.

Elena Marie Valencia will use this opportunity to become an International Lindy Hop Instructor and Performer. She will train, compete and volunteer at Lindy Hop dance camps around the U.S. and Europe to make international connections in the Lindy Hop community. 

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