Federal Pell Grants

Important: Lifetime Pell Grant eligibility changes; The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2012 (Public Law 112-74) reduced the maximum time frame during which a student is eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant to a maximum of 12 full semesters (or its part-time equivalent) effective with the 2012–13 award year. Therefore, a student's Pell Grant lifetime eligibility usage may not exceed 600 percent.

Federal Pell Grants are available to matriculated first-degree undergraduate students only. Eligibility is determined by a federal formula established by Congress using information gathered from the FAFSA. The maximum Federal Pell Grant award for the 2014–15 award year will be $5,730.

Back-end Pell

If a student wishes to use part of their Pell award to cover their current summer tuition, they must have a partially unused award from the prior fall and/or spring semesters (e.g., a student registered for 12 credits (fall 2012) and nine credits (spring 2013). Not having full-time enrollment status during spring 2013 will result in having an unused Pell remainder of three credits, worth a less than half-time award. A student can use and is entitled to the Pell remainder to fund their summer 2014 sessions of study only.

Front-end Pell

Due to the repeal of the provision allowing for a second Pell Grant in one award year, students will no longer be able to receive Pell Grants for primary use during the summer sessions. No student will be eligible to receive more than one Pell Grant scheduled award, which means that students will only be awarded for the fall and spring semesters of study, beginning with the 2011–12 award year.

Example: Students who wish to receive a summer 2014 Pell award, derived from the 2014–15 award year, will have to reallocate part or all of their future spring 2014 award in order to have it applied against their summer tuition bill. These awards are by student request and a Summer Front-End Pell Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Enrollment Services Center. This will also hold true for every summer semester moving forward.

Additional information on back-end and front-end Pell awards can be found in the Financial Aid Flash – May 2011 edition.