2011-16 Strategic Plan

May 2011

2011-16 Strategic Plan for Brooklyn College (pdf)

Brooklyn College has a long and proud history of providing outstanding, affordable education to students from diverse backgrounds, many of whom have been the first in their families to attend college. Our commitment to academic excellence is grounded in a strong liberal arts and sciences tradition and in the knowledge that we must prepare our students for a broad range of career paths, advanced degrees, leadership opportunities, and responsible citizenship in a complex and interconnected world.

Last fall, we invited members of our internal and extended community—faculty, students, staff, alumni, and community partners—to help us envision the future of Brooklyn College. We asked them to consider the priorities needed to ensure that our students are successful and that the education we provide is vital and transformative. Throughout the many steps in our strategic planning process, which included large working sessions, town halls, and many online contributions, we have engaged our constituencies in a dialogue about key priorities and action items for the next five years. As our steering committee members reviewed and discussed the input received, important issues and significant opportunities emerged.

Student success must be our number one priority. Substantial improvements are needed across the institution, particularly in the areas of advisement, the integration of transfer students, and timely progress toward graduation. We also recognize the need for increased support for high-impact learning opportunities such as internships, study abroad, and student research projects, all of which are essential components of a 21st-century education. In addition, we will emphasize the significance of learning in and from our borough, city, state, and beyond as a hallmark of engaged learning practice.

Student success is central to all elements of our strategic plan: attracting and retaining excellent faculty and staff; enhancing campus infrastructure; improving institutional effectiveness; and expanding active partnerships and learning opportunities beyond our campus to better serve our students.

An effective strategic plan is one that compels us to focus on our priorities and align annual goals and action items accordingly. Over the next five years, we will allocate resources in a manner consistent with the priorities and goals set forth in this plan. We will also actively pursue funding from external sources, work to achieve an appropriately balanced undergraduate and graduate enrollment plan, and effectively demonstrate the high value of a Brooklyn College degree to our students, alumni, and our many external constituencies.

I am grateful to everyone who has contributed to the strategic planning process. We share an exciting vision for the future of Brooklyn College and a strong and continuing commitment to academic excellence for generations of students to come.

Karen L. Gould