Faculty, Staff and Student Interaction With CUNYfirst

How will this affect me?

The implementation means that many processes we have used for years will be altered to meet the high standards of our students, faculty and staff. There will be subject matter experts from every campus who have and will analyze our current processes and look for ways we can improve. Every member of our CUNY community will participate in the implementation of the project, and everyone will be trained on the systems that will affect them.

By the time all modules and applications are fully implemented, every one of our students, faculty and staff will have access to CUNYfirst. All employees will have access via self-service when the Human Resources modules go live in a few months. They will be able to view their personal information (address, phone number, etc.) and current listing of benefits and report to their local HR office if their data is incorrect.

Will I receive training on all CUNYfirst processes?

No. In CUNYfirst everyone is assigned roles based on the work they do. Those are determined by managers and supervisors who are translating current work into CUNYfirst functions. When that has been determined, you will receive training to perform the exact tasks you need to do your job. No more, no less. If it is determined you need training on functions outside your role, your bosses will make sure you get it.

Can I have more than one role in CUNYfirst?

Yes. For example, if you are a faculty chairperson, you will have access to CUNYfirst Student processes needed to do your job in your department. You may also have access to Human Resources processes in your role as someone who manages people or can hire new employees. You may also have access to Finance processes for purchasing material for your office or getting expenses reimbursed. You'll have access to all functions with one sign-on in one integrated system.

How will I have access to CUNYfirst?

Everyone (faculty, staff and students) will be given an ID and an initial password to sign into the system. At the first sign on, you will be required to change your password to something familiar to you. You will then be asked to give answers to three security questions of your choice so you can get help if you forget your password. You will change your password many times in a given year to ensure the security requirement needed to protect this system.

I work in a job that doesn't require a computer. Does that mean I won't have access to CUNYfirst?

No. CUNYfirst can be accessed from anywhere via your favorite Internet browser. There are specific requirements for which browsers can be used, but if you have a computer at home, you can sign on to look at your personnel information or, in the future, fill out a time sheet. Campus IT teams are making available computers at various locations at the colleges for those who don't use a computer in their day-to-day work.

I'm a student who is used to dealing with the Bursar, Financial Aid and Registrar offices. Will they all have access to my information?

Anyone who is given security access to assist students in their careers will be able to refer to a student's record and look at the same information. They could even look at the data at the same time, but only one person can update a student's record at a time. This will improve service as everyone will be on the same page — no more "he told me that and she told me this."

How will I be trained to use the system?

In a number of ways. If you have a job that will require you to have everyday access to the system, you will be trained in a classroom setting by your peers. Training is based on a model called "Train the Trainer." Professionals from throughout CUNY learn how processes work, and train individuals how to do their work. Training occurs at five Borough Training Centers at Brooklyn College, City College, Hostos Community College, Queens College and the College of Staten Island. This allows training close to your campus or your home. If you don't use CUNYfirst every day, training for processes you need will come from Web conferences, computer-based training and at the One Stop kiosks (for students).

If I am a student at the Graduate Center but teach as an adjunct at Queens College, does that mean I will have two IDs with two different passwords?

Every person in the CUNYfirst system has one record. That means you will be identified in the system for all that you are to CUNY. This allows for your information to follow you wherever you go and should speed up new employee procedures if you move to a new job at another campus.

What will the Human Resource processes allow me to do?

A major feature of the CUNY ERP will be its self-service functions, allowing faculty and staff to view portions of their HR records, including a listing of current chosen benefits.

If I know someone who wants to work for my college or CUNY, will ERP streamline that?

At the end of Phase One, around January 2009, applicants will be able to apply for all open jobs at CUNY online.

How will I learn to use CUNYfirst processes?

In the classroom, from an online learning tool or with job-aids. Everyone who must perform their tasks using CUNYfirst tools will be signed up to enroll in classroom learning. They will be trained by members of the CUNYfirst training team or their peers from around the university.

I've heard about the concept of Train the Trainers. What does that mean?

Train the Trainers is the method chosen by the CUNYfirst project to teach staff the specific steps they'll perform to do their job. Most of the trainers were chosen by leaders at their college or office because they have subject specific knowledge of the processes. Some were chosen because they have trained or taught others before or have excellent presentation skills. Some were a combination of both. Having peers teach colleagues new functions adds credibility and extends knowledge and support throughout CUNY.

Please explain the Borough Training Centers.

The idea is to have a centralized place for training, rather than having just one place in one borough. We know that everyone is very busy, so to accommodate the requirements that you cannot use CUNYfirst unless you've received training, we created these centers. They are the City College and the CUNYfirst Training Room in Manhattan, Hostos Community College in the Bronx, Queens College, Brooklyn College and the College of Staten Island.

Do I have to attend a session in the borough where I work?

No. Because everyone schedules their training in the Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) system, you can also choose where you want to go. All learning is monitored for you, whether you work in Manhattan yet take training in Queens. Choose what's convenient for you and what works for your office and co-workers.

What is ELM?

The Enterprise Learning Management system contains the tools that help us schedule classes, validate learning, make class material available and provide online learning through the User Productivity Kits (UPK). Every employee has a profile in ELM. Through it a person can check available classes that fit their user profile, look up course material and information, and take refresher courses. ELM also provides information for Application Security Liaisons that allows them to give permissions for users to access the processes they need to do their jobs.

Explain the UPK.

The User Productivity Kit is an online tool that takes a user through the processes step by step for all the CUNYfirst processes. You can actually see, in video format, the process for doing specific functions in the software.

If the only function I need to perform in CUNYfirst is to look up my personal information to confirm to the Human Resources staff, will I have to have a lot of training?

No. You will learn how to log on through a combination of messages, online learning and job aids. If you acquire new responsibilities that require you to have more access, then you will have access to classes to learn these new skills.