CUNYfirst Team

Brooklyn College Campus Liaisons

Name Title E-Mail
Joseph Giovannelli Campus Executive
Mark Gold Project Management and Technical Readiness Liaison
Anna Rakhmanchik CUNYfirst Project Manager and Training Liaison
William Tramontano Functional Lead — Academic Affairs
Colette Wagner Functional Lead — Academic Affairs
James Eaton Functional Lead — Faculty Workload
Alan Gilbert Functional Lead — Finance
Michael Hewitt Functional Lead — Human Resources
Stephen Joyner Functional Lead — Students
Keisha-Gaye Anderson Communications Liaison
Steve Austreich Security Liaison
Karl Lum Security Liaison
George Cunningham Faculty Chair Liaison
Ken Gould Faculty Chair Liaison
Ellen Tremper Faculty Chair Liaison
Cristian Feliz Help Desk Rep
Anil Lilly Help Desk Rep

CUNYfirst Core Team

Executive Sponsor

Alan Dobrin, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer

Project Leaders

Brian Cohen, Chief Information Officer
Ronald Spalter, Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Project Director

Suman Taneja

Application Security Liaisons are responsible for granting access to CUNYfirst based on roles that have been assigned at each college or at the university offices. They are notifying new users of their ID and password to sign up for training.