Administrative Council

In compliance with the CUNY Task Force on Sustainability, Brooklyn College has created its own Sustainability Council to conduct campus sustainability assessments, select recommendations and set campus goals. The Council assisted in drafting the 10-Year Plan and continues to facilitate adoption and incorporation of sound sustainable policies, programs and practices.

Waste Management and Recycling

*Aldo Orlando, Director, Environmental Health and Safety
Michael Golan, Administrative Superintendent, Office of Facilities

Water and Energy

Robert Bell, Chairman, Department of Economics
William Elfstrom, Administrative Superintendent, Office of Facilities
*Joe Nigro, Administrative Superintendent, Office of Facilities


Philip Cruise, Office of the Assistant Vice President for Finance, Budget and Planning/Comptroller

Food and Nutrition



Donald A. Wenz, Chief of Public Safety and Director, Office of Campus and Community Safety Services

Outreach and Education

Pamela Brown-Laurenceau, Internship Program Specialist, Magner Center for Career Development and Internships
Ryan Buck, Acting Executive Director, International Student Affairs
Tammy L. Lewis, Associate Professor, Sociology; Honors Academy Sustainability Network
Pieranna Pieroni, Director, College Now, School of Education
Pat Willard, Associate Director, Communications and Marketing

Robert Oliva, Director, Magner Career Center


General Council Members

James T. Eaton, Director, Academic Administration
Michael Menser, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Casey Miller, Part-time Sustainability Coordinator

* Council co-chairperson