What Is Brooklyn College Doing?

Incorporating Sustainability

Because our campus is situated in an urban environment where social, economic and environmental factors must be considered together, Brooklyn College views sustainability in a much broader context than just the natural environment. While we examine our air and water quality, we also consider how the protection of natural resources affects people’s livelihoods and whether the costs of protection are distributed equitably across social groups. For instance, in contemplating how to make manufacturing more green, we must also investigate whether changing factories or production methods will impact prices and the workforce. In considering how to make our public transportation system cleaner, we must also consider which neighborhoods are served and who pays for the improvements.

Brooklyn College is working to incorporate this approach to sustainability into the fabric of the campus by integrating sustainability into the curriculum, supporting research and partnering with civic and business leaders. The college will use the lessons it learns through its many sustainability activities to improve the lives of its students and the broader citizenry of Brooklyn and promote economic development opportunities for the future. With these measures, Brooklyn College will champion the changes that our community and our society require for a viable and sustainable future.

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