In 2009–10

The Provost's Task Force on City-Based and Sustainability Education:

  • created a functional inventory of faculty teaching and research projects, and college resources related to urban engagement and sustainable futures;
  • convened the spring 2010 Building Bridges Conference that brought together faculty, community partners and students around the theme of urban engagement and sustainable futures;
  • researched curricular and structural models of interdisciplinary, urban-engaged programs in sustainability studies; and
  • crafted a proposal for an organizational structure to institutionalize and resource city-based, sustainable education.


Brooklyn College is pleased to announce new concentrations in an urban sustainability degree program:

  • environmental economics
  • environmental science
  • environmental sociology

Ongoing Action Around Campus

An increasing number of faculty are getting involved in interdisciplinary projects to further the college's sustainability movement. Such efforts include:

  • Sustainability Roundtable

    Since 2007, faculty who conduct sustainability-related research have met each semester to organize events that showcase their work to the college and to the borough. More than 20 faculty have contributed to the Sustainability Notes seminar series, which presents short seminars summarizing their work for the campus community. The group has also organized evening seminars for the borough of Brooklyn on topics including the economics of renewable energy and urban aquaculture.