Waste Management and Recycling

Sustainability in waste management and recycling focuses on:

  • food composting;
  • recycling bottles, cans, cardboard and other materials in the cafeteria and across campus;
  • recycling paper, batteries and printer cartridges in offices;
  • composting of landscaping waste into mulch for use on campus; and
  • minimizing waste and post-consumer purchasing.

Waste-management and recycling initiatives will reduce the amount of landfill and incinerator waste produced by CUNY as well as lead to a change in culture and behavior among students, staff and faculty in the way they discard materials both on and off campus.

Brooklyn College is addressing these issues by:

  • increasing paper and cardboard recycling by placing bins in offices and hallways;
  • increasing glass and plastic bottle and metal recycling by the entire campus community in partnership with New York City Department of Sanitation and Metropolitan Food Service; and
  • raising campus awareness around these initiatives by encouraging people to dispose of waste properly.