Learning Goals

Brooklyn College expects that all of its graduates will:

  1. be able to think critically and creatively, to reason logically, to reason quantitatively, and to express their thoughts orally and in writing with clarity and precision;
  2. be able to make sound moral and ethical judgments;
  3. understand the arts, histories and cultures of the past as a foundation for those of the present;
  4. understand the development and workings of modern societies in an interdependent world;
  5. acquire the tools that are required to understand and respect the natural universe;
  6. understand what knowledge is and how it is acquired by the use of differing methods in different disciplines;
  7. be able to integrate knowledge from diverse sources and acquire mastery of an academic discipline;
  8. understand the necessity for tolerance and appreciate individual and social diversity;
  9. be informed and responsible citizens of the world; and
  10. establish a foundation for lifelong learning and the potential for leadership.