CUNYfirst and Changes to Expect

CUNYfirst is a new frontier for all of us here at Brooklyn College, students, staff, and faculty alike.  We want you to know that we're all in this transition together.  The challenge of transitioning from a familiar system to a brand new one may seem daunting at first, but you'll realize that this is a significant upgrade from a nearly twenty year old system and a big step forward into our future. Of course there will be new processes to learn and changes to which we must adapt but CUNYfirst is a very intuitive system and it offers many self-service options that weren't available before. Here are some changes you might have already experienced or that you can expect in the coming months:

Changes to your student account

  • You will see a remaining balance on your account if you are eligible for any financial aid (i.e. TAP, Pell, or third party waivers/vouchers) until the funds from the external source are received by the college. However, you can view your anticipated financial aid by clicking the Account Inquiry>Pending Aid (pg 5) link on your Student Center page.
  •  Any payment you make in CUNYfirst will automatically be applied to the earliest balance on your account. 
  • Your student account could change over the course of the semester.  For example, if your eligibility for TAP changes (i.e. you drop below 12 credits), your account will be modified accordingly and your TAP could be removed.  In order to be aware of these changes we urge you to check your account regularly.
  • If a credit appears on your account (let’s say due to a dropped or cancelled course), it will automatically be applied to any remaining balance.  If there is no balance, the credit will be refunded through the original method of payment (i.e. credit or checking account).
  • We no longer offer check pick-up for refunds.  All refund checks are now sent to the mailing address on your CUNYfirst account.
  • CUNYfirst offers a new bill printout layout which no longer includes your class schedule.  However, both can be printed online.  If you’re required to submit an official Brooklyn College bill for any reason, please submit an emailed request to

Upgraded Self-Service Options and Newly Available Information

  • You can make a payment directly from your Student Center page with your checking account or credit/debit card (additional 2.65% convenience fee applies to credit/debit card payments).  Here is the guideline for making an online payment.

  •  Also, you can now make payments with multiple credit cards.

  • CUNYfirst also allows you to view an extensive amount of information on your Student Center page previously unavailable through Websims:
    • View each payment applied to your account by clicking the Account Inquiry>Activity (pg. 4) links.
    • View your payment dues date through the Due Charges (pg. 3) link to ensure your payment is made on time and you classes aren't dropped.
      • You may notice that your CUNYfirst account displays several due dates for one semester; however, the earliest due date is the one that applies.  Any tuition charges for courses added after your initial due date are due within 24 hours of registration.
    • You can now view any service indicators (previously known as stops) applied yo your account under My Holds.
    • Your 1098-T form will be available to be viewed and printed by accessing the Account Services on the Account Inquiry page.

    Increase in Processing Time at the Enrollment Services Center

    • You’ll notice that individual processing times, and ultimately overall waiting periods, will increase especially during peak periods.  This is due to changes to our processes behind the counter.  Please be patient with our staff as we will continue to provide the most efficient, accurate, and friendly service we can.
    • In order to reduce processing times at the ESC we strongly encourage you to make your payments online.  It’s quick, easy, and we now accept all major credit cards (Yes, that includes Visa).  See link above for online payment instructions.

    Other Important Information to Keep in Mind

    • Please be aware of your payment due date.  If your payment is not made by then, your classes will be in jeopardy of being dropped.  Again, you can view your due date by accessing the due charges link on your Student Center Page or on the due date calendar.

    • Liability charges are incurred if you drop (not swap) a class on or after the first day of the semester (8/28/13 for Fall).  Here is the link to the liability schedule.   If you don’t plan on attending a course, please drop it before August 28, 2013.  Also, a change of program fee of $18.00 will be incurred for any changes you make to your schedule once the semester begins.
    • Bursar service indicators will be placed on any account with a remaining balance from a prior semester.  This will prevent you from future registration, obtaining transcripts, and even obtaining your diploma.
    • For further questions about the Brooklyn College Bursar policies and procedures, please visit the FAQs page.

    Due to the new self-service features, availability of extensive information, and the fact that your account can change during the semester, we encourage you to review your account regularly.  Keep tabs on your TAP, loans, waivers, and vouchers to ensure your tuition is covered in a timely manner.  CUNYfirst is an excellent tool at your disposal, so we hope and expect that you use it to your advantage.

    There is one thing guaranteed to remain the same through our transition to CUNYfirst, we at the ESC are here to help. We understand this transition may not be quick and easy, that’s why we’re here for any questions you might have regarding your account, your registration, or your financial aid.  If you have not activated your CUNYfirst account, click here and select “First Time Users”.  Please contact the CUNYfirst help desk at (718) 951-4200 if you are experiencing any technical problems.