Definition of Fees

Student Activity Fee

This fee covers student government, the Student Center and such student activities as student newspapers and Student Center events.

CUNY Consolidated Fee

This fee covers the external processing of financial aid applications, the immunization program, the job location/development program, system-wide tuition and fee collections by the Office of the University Controller, and the administration of various tests such as the skills assessment tests.

Technology Fee

This fee covers computer services for students and faculty.

Maintenance of Matriculation

Master's students must be in a matriculated status to complete degree requirements. This includes resolving INC grades, taking comprehensive examinations, and filing theses as final requirements in preparation for graduation. Students must also be registered during the semester in which they intend to graduate. If they are not registered for any credit-bearing classes that are recognized by their program, they must register for maintenance of matriculation status and pay the required fee, which cannot be waived.

Tuition Liability Charges

Students who withdraw from classes on or after the first official day of classes are liable for all or part of the original tuition charges and any applicable student fees, plus the Student Activity Fee, CUNY Consolidated Services Fee, and Technology Fee. Please refer to the semester's tuition liability schedule for liability amount.

Late Registration Fee

This fee is charged when a student's first registration activity occurs on or after the first official day of classes.

Change of Program Fee

This fee is charged for a change of program on or after the first official day of classes.

Materials Fee

This fee is charged to specific courses that require special materials such as film rental charges, transportation, field trip expenses and other non-instructional costs.

Readmission Fee

This fee is charged upon registration to students readmitting to the college after an absence of one or more academic semesters.

Duplicate Diploma Fee

This fee is charged for a replacement diploma.

Replacement ID Fee

This fee is charged for to replace a lost Brooklyn College ID.

Bad Check Fee

This fee is charged when a check is returned to the college by the bank as uncollectible.

Absentee Exam Fee

This fee is charged when a student has received an ABS grade and is given permission to retake the final.

Recreation Fee

This fee is charged to students who wish to use the athletics facilities such as the gym and swimming pool.

Speech and Hearing Fees

These fees are for clinical services provided by the Speech and Hearing Center.