Central Routing

Central Routing facilitates deliveries from various vendors to designated campus areas. These deliveries are received from couriers such as UPS, DHL, Federal Express and FedEx Ground.

Roosevelt Hall Loading Dock


Keith Holland
P: 718.951.5770/5769


Central Routing utilizes one vendor for shipping, United Parcel Service (UPS). Authorization is obtained for departments authorized to ship packages. User OTPS budgets are charged for UPS shipping. Shippping charges for the college are considerably lower than standard UPS charges.

Other Carriers

Private carriers apply their own rules, regulations and pricing. Central Routing can assist with shipping with these carriers if an account number and destination address are provided. If you have a package with a prepaid-label or a waybill that is packed and ready to go, Central Routing can assist you with shipping.

Campus Deliveries

Central Routing also delivers merchandise that is shipped through freight companies, dependent upon actual size of deliveries. We deliver merchandise from Staples, A.G.M., Quill Office Supplies, Viking Office Supplies, etc. Pallet-size deliveries are routed directly to their destination.


  • Central Routing does not accept personal packages.
  • UPS will not accept personal items for shipping.
  • All packages to be shipped should be labeled with the proper address.
  • Please identify what type of service is being requested (e.g., next-day air, second-day air, ground service).
  • To assist in package tracking, please furnish a tracking number to expedite your request.