Resources and Partnerships

Brooklyn College has partnered with many organizations in New York City who promote gardening in an urban environment, sustainable gardening practices, community building and a healthier, more active lifestyle. Below are some of them and how they help make the Brooklyn College Garden better.

New York City Greenthumb

The Brooklyn College Garden was recently classified as a New York City Greenthumb garden and is a certified New York City community garden that opens up opportunities for our gardeners to get further training and free gardening materials. Greenthumb community gardens provide important green space, an important attribute of living in New York. Green spaces improve air quality, allow for biodiversity, and improve the overall well-being of residents.

The GreenBridge Program

We are affiliated with the GreenBridge program, the community environmental horticulture program of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It promotes urban greening through education, conservation and creative partnerships. The program works with block associations, community gardens and other service groups. GreenBridge is building a vibrant network of people, places and projects dedicated to making Brooklyn a greener place.

The NYC Wasteless Project

The NYC Wasteless Project was created in 1993 by the New York City Department of Sanitation to provide compost education and outreach to New Yok residents, nonprofit organizations and businesses. They have provided valuable technical assistance to the Brooklyn College Garden in many areas, including composting.

Compost for Brooklyn 

Compost for Brooklyn is a community-based organization that is committed to ecological restoration, composting and education in local neighborhoods. It has been a vital partner is creating sustainable practices for our garden.

The Lower East Side Ecology Center

We work with the Lower East Side Ecology Center on a variety of programs. The center lends its technical expertise and training program on greening and on composting. The Brooklyn College Garden has also been the default caretaker of the beautiful trees that line the rear entrance of the school. The Lower East Side Ecology Center classes on tree care were instrumental in caring for these trees.

Farming Concrete

Farming Concrete is an open community-based research project that measures how much food is grown in New York City's community gardens. It provides resources such as scales and recordkeeping materials, and generates reports to gardeners on their harvests.

Habitat Map

Habitat Map is an organization whose goal is to raise awareness about the impact the environment is having on human health. It also provides an online map of green resources and tracks environmental irresponsibility in urban communities.

Million Trees

Trees planted in urban areas have multiple environmental benefits: They help to offset the damage done by carbon emissions, reduce the energy used by buildings, act as aqua-filters for urban rain water, purify the air by removing dust particles, and provide a home for many species of birds, insects and animals. Million Trees has goal to plant a million trees in New York City over the next decade.

In Our Backyard

In Our Backyard is a crowd-resourced platform for citizen-led neighborhood projects. In Our Backyard's goal is to deepen civic engagement in cities by connecting individuals to community-led, neighbor-funded environmental projects.

We have also learned and utilized many sustainable practices for horticulture technique, irrigation systems, rain water harvesting, composting and many other best practices from other organizations such as the Floyd Bennett Field Garden, Farming Brooklyn, the New York City Parks and Recreation Department, Community Board 14 and many others.