CUNY Work/Life Benefit

The CUNY Work/Life Program is an important benefit for all employees and their families. The program is offered through Corporate Counseling Associates (CCA) at no charge to the employee or members of the employee's family to help them balance the demands of their professional and personal lives. Traditional counseling is available for stress, family problems and substance abuse, and there many other services, such as referrals for child care and elder care — even pet care!

CCA's experienced team of counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 800.833.8707 for a confidential consultation. In addition, the CUNY Work/Life website has hundreds of educational articles, useful tips and Internet resources. Click here for Spring 2013 issue CUNY Work/Life's publication: Lifelines. In this issue of Lifelines, you can learn more about how to talk to tweens about sexuality, fitness tips, networking tips, and time management.

How does CUNY Work/Life Program help you achieve your goals? Click here to find out!

Note: all webinars are scheduled for 12 p.m. & 2 p.m.

2014 Work/Life Calendar

Emotional Well-being

Assistance and counseling for employees and their family members who are experiencing high stress levels, anxiety and depression.

Marriage / Family / Relationship

Individuals experiencing marital difficulties, divorce, family conflict or relationship issues can speak to a counselor who can help with couples counseling or family therapy. In addition, clinical intervention and confidential assistance is available for individuals abusing alcohol and/or prescription or illegal drugs.

Child Care

Child care specialists will provide resources to assist employees and their family members with any issue involving children, such as prenatal care, adoption, nanny/daycare agencies, parenting, child development, etc.

Adult Care

The program provides resources and counseling in every area of adult care or elder care, including nursing homes/assisted living facilities, home care agencies, hospice care, Medicaid/ Medicare, transportation, meal delivery, etc.


A wide range of resources are available to assist employees in locating all levels of academic institutions, from pre-school through college and continuing education. Help and counseling is available for work-related interpersonal problems (excluding direct intervention in the manager-employee relationship).

Health and Wellness

Counseling, information, referrals and support for individuals with physical health issues are available, as are information and resources to assist employees and their family members with debt management, budgeting, divorce and family law, landlord and tenant law, recording wills and estate planning, and more.