Benefit Updates

Basic Plan and Optional Rider Costs

These rates are in effect as of the first full payroll period in July 2014. 

Health Benefits

The City of New York Health Benefits Program in conjunction with Aon Hewitt's Dependent Eligibility Verification Center will conduct an audit of all employees and retirees who have at least one dependent enrolled on their coverage. 

Coverage Dependent Eligiblity Audit Notice and FAQ

Retirement News


Individual counseling sessions are available throughout the semester. Click here to find out the schedule and registration instruction.    

TRS Onsite Educational Programs

The following is a list of classes that are currently available in the TRS training facility, 55 Water Street. Attendance is limited to 30 participants.

Getting Ready for Retirement — Tier I

Getting Ready for Retirement — Tier IV

Your TRS Benefits and Services — Tier IV

How to Register

Members who would like to attend an educational program may register online by logging into the secure section of the TRS website and accessing the "My Education" feature.

As an alternative, members may call the Member Services Center, 888.8.NYC.TRS, or visit the Walk-in Center to obtain a schedule and registration form.

Online Introduction to TRS' TDA Program

Introduction to the TDA Program is a condensed version of the TRS popular onsite educational program. This online version is designed for in-service members who are new to TRS' TDA Program. It consists of a 15-minute video that explains the features and benefits of TRS' supplemental retirement plan. It also provides some general information about financial planning for retirement. 

Universal Availability Notice

You have an option to supplement your retirement savings by enrolling in your CUNY sponsored 403(b) Tax Deferred Annuity (TDA) Plan. Your TDA contributions are deducted biweekly from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis, allowing you to reduce your current federal and New York State income taxes. Click here to find more information.

Had Any Life Changes? 

Did you get married or divorced? Did you have any children? Has your spouse passed away? Maybe you need to make some changes to your beneficiary information with the pension plan, union, health plan or life insurance. If so, please contact the Benefits Office, 1160 Boylan Hall, 718.951.4255.