Title Definitions

Unclassified Staff

The faculty and staff of the university are divided into two main groups: Unclassified and Classified Staff.

Instructional Staff

All Instructional Staff are considered Unclassified Staff under the New York State Constitution and the New York State Civil Service Law; qualifications for the positions were determined not to be subject to measurement by assembled examinations. Accordingly, Instructional Staff are appointed through unassembled examinations administered by campus committees that review qualifications submitted by candidates.

The Executive Staff

The executive staff of the university is composed of those individuals in Executive Compensation Plan titles, including the chancellor and members of the chancellery, presidents, and deans of the professional schools and their high-level administrators. The executive staff serves in executive and senior managerial capacities, at the pleasure of the board of trustees, the chancellor or the president of the college.

The Faculty (Teaching Instructional Staff)

The faculty principally serve in the titles professor, associate professor, assistant professor, lecturer and instructor. (For most of these full-time faculty titles, there are analogous adjunct, substitute and visiting titles.) In addition, graduate students perform part-time teaching in the titles graduate assistant A, graduate assistant B and graduate assistant C. The faculty is represented in collective bargaining by the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY (the PSC). The collective bargaining agreement with the PSC establishes the salaries and other terms and conditions of employment for faculty.

The Nonteaching Instructional Staff

The full-time nonteaching Instructional Staff, who are also represented in collective bargaining by the PSC, are primarily in the Higher Education Officer (aHEO, HEOa, HEOA, HEO) and College Laboratory Technicians (CLT) series.

Classified Staff

The university's Classified Staff functions pursuant to the rules and regulations of the City University of New York Civil Service Commission.  Classified Staff employees serve in a great variety of titles, represented by approximately 25 different locals or unions. Among those titles, the majority is represented by District Council 37, AFL-CIO and its affiliated locals.

Classified Managerial Service

In addition to the Executive Compensation Plan positions in the colleges, there are a small number of unrepresented, highly compensated managers at each college who are in the CUNY Classified Civil Service. They oversee important administrative functions such as buildings and grounds, security and areas within administrative computing.

The White Collar Unit

The White Collar Unit contains the largest groups of full- and part-time Classified Staff employees. College assistants, who are hourly employees performing primarily clerical, secretarial or administrative functions, are the largest local within the White Collar Unit. Among the full-time Classified Staff, the largest group is the clerical-secretarial-administrative occupational series (the "Gittleson" series) consisting of two titles — CUNY Office Assistant, with four assignment levels, and CUNY Administrative Assistant, with two assignment levels. Some other titles within the White Collar Unit include college accountants, sign language interpreters, disability accommodations specialists, staff nurses, architects and engineers.

The Blue Collar Unit

The largest local in the Blue Collar Unit, Local 1597 of DC 37, is composed of employees primarily in the title of Custodial Assistant, who are employed at virtually all of the campuses. Local 237 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents campus peace officers and related security titles, and titles in the maintenance and stores-stock series. The Blue Collar Unit also includes the custodial supervisors series, represented by DC 37 Local 1797, and a variety of skilled trade titles, each of which is represented by a separate union or local.

Additionally, most recently the university established the classified titles of theater technician, theater technician specialist and lead theater technician, which are titles that are available to those colleges that have performing arts centers. These titles are represented by the Theatrical Stage Employees Union Local One of IATSE.