Payroll/Time and Leave

The staff of the Payroll Office is committed to providing accurate and timely payroll payments to all tax-levy faculty and staff. Our goal and promise is to ensure exemplary customer service in answering all payroll-related inquiries.

To contact someone regarding Payroll Support and/or Time and Leave, click here.

Important Resources

Payroll Information Tax Information Tax Forms
Timesheet and Pay Schedule Overtime Report/Request Form

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Leave Information and Forms
Annual Leave

Bereavement Leave

Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program (CSLBP) (pdf)

Dedicated Annual/Sick Leave Program (Full-Timers Only) (pdf)

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Jury Duty

Paid Parental Leave (Full-time Instructional Staff)

Retirement Leave of Absence Application - TRAVIA (Full-time Instructional Staff) (pdf)

Special Leave for Child Care (Full-time Instructional Staff) (pdf)

Contact Us

Central Office Payroll, Click Here

Brooklyn College Office of HRS

Amanda Poon (Payroll Support)
718.951.5161 | 1223 Boylan Hall

Non-Teaching Adjunct/Continuing Education Teacher
Peggy Sainte (Payroll Support and Time and Leave)
718.951.5137 | 1231 Boylan Hall

Classified Civil Service
Selyna Quinones / Lynda Sobieski (Payroll Support and Time and Leave)
718.951.5377 | 1219 Boylan Hall

College Assistant
Alvyne Alleyne / Peggy Sainte (Payroll Support and Time and Leave)
718.951.5137 | 1231 Boylan Hall

Full-time Instructional Staff
Peggy Sainte (Payroll Support and Time and Leave)
Sadio Harry (Time and Leave)
718.951.5137 | 1231 Boylan Hall

Classified Civil Service = Click here for a list of job titles

Executive Staff (ECP) = President, Assistant/Associate Provost, Chief of Staff, Assistant/Associate Vice President, Vice President, and Executive Director

Full-time Instructional Staff

  • Teaching = Lecturer, Instructor, and Assistant/Associate/Full Professor
  • Non-Teaching = HEO Series (Higher Education Officer - HEO, Higher Education Associate - HEA, Higher Education Assistant - HEa, and Assistant to Higher Education Officer - aHEO), College Laboratory Technician - CLT, Senior College Laboratory Technician - SCLT, Chief College Laboratory Technician - CCLT, and Research Assistant/Associate - RA