Overtime Reports

Blue/White Collar Employees

An employee is eligible to receive payment for voluntary overtime upon the approval of his or her immediate supervisor or department head. Such overtime will be processed in accordance to the provisions sert forth in the Blue/White Collar Collective Bargaining Agreement, Comptroller's Memorandum, Professional Staff Congress and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Overtime (voluntary/involuntary) worked between the 35th hour and the 40th hour in any payroll week shall be compensated in cash at straight time.

Overtime (voluntary/involuntary) in excess of 40 hours in any payroll week shall be compensated in cash at time and one half (1-1/2X). Payment shall be computed and paid in 10-minute units acually worked beyond the normal scheduled work week.

Time in which an employee is in full-pay status, whether or not such time is actually worked (vacation, paid sick leave), shall be counted in computing the number of hours worked during the week.

Upon advance approval from the employee's immediate supervisor and/or department head, the employee must complete the appropriate overtime report summary form in its entirety. The form must be signed and dated by both the employee and his or her supervisor as well as the department head, assistant vice president or vice president.

Note: In the absence of the employee's immediate supervisor, the overtime report will be deemed valid with just the department head, assistant vice president or vice president's signature.

Failure to submit complete forms will delay the payment of said overtime.

220 Skilled Trades

Payment of overtime for employees within the 220 Skilled Trades titles will be paid in accordance with the comptroller's consent determination for their respective title, and the CUNY Labor Law Rate Chart, Section 220.

College Laboratory Technicians

Forms must be completed and forwarded to Provost Tramontano (acting Vice President Alan Gilbert for Mark Gold) for any overtime. Overtime is exceptional, and is usually authorized only for evening and weekend lab setups.

Note: It is important to remember that the cost of overtime must be funded from each department's temporary services budget.